About Lesley

Hello! I’m Lesley Cooper

Welcome to the exciting world of Hypnotherapy

My practice as a hypnotherapist is a constant search for new knowledge, skill sharpening study and therapy development. I have been working as a qualified psychotherapist and hypnotherapist for 15 years. I am a great advocate of the power of positive thinking. I love what I do, and I am dedicated to improving my clients’ lives in any aspect in which they seek help.

With my expertise, they can achieve a happier, healthier mindset. My aim is for them to take full control of their own emotions, goals and aspirations with confidence.

I am registered with The Hypnotherapy Association and The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, both accredited by the Professional Standards Authority. The Accredited Register programme was set up by the government to improve standards and safety for the benefit of the public. I also have a DBS clearance certificate.

Always choose a professional practitioner (registered with industry recognised associations) who is qualified, supervised, insured and subject to a code of ethics.

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