Success Stories
I was a heavy smoker, this started after the loss of a family member through cancer, I really didn’t know how to deal with the emotional turmoil at the time. Over the years I realised how much smoking controlled me and I finally decided it had to change, I wanted to take back control of my life and be free. A friend suggested I try Hypnotherapy and introduced me to Lesley. My first session with Lesley was online, it was amazing. I didn’t think it would work at first but when she explained it to me and reassured me of how effective it would be, I felt very comfortable. I was so receptive and calm and as a non driver, I didn’t have to worry about travelling for my therapy, I was able to do it in the comfort of my own home. Working with Lesley has been wonderful, she is completely supportive and very calm. I have had a lot of aha moments during the psychotherapy and this allowed me to reflect on my choices in life. Having learned what hypnotherapy could do to help me make those changes, I was ready to commit. I am now a Non Smoker, I now trust my own thoughts and feelings, I have control over my emotions and truly believe that I am a better version of who I was. After the Hypnosis I felt so much lighter and full of energy, my life truly has taken a turn for the better. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.


I was struggling with lack of confidence, peer pressure and exam nerves, all of this culminated in my eating and sleeping habits being compromised. Initially I was very nervous to try something different as I didn’t know enough about hypnotherapy, and to accept help from someone else, but I went in with an open mind and was surprised by how much only a few sessions completely changed my outlook. Hypnotherapy has enabled me to become a more positive, happy and relaxed person. She taught me simple skills which I am able to use myself to help my anxiety and general outlook on life. I didn’t realise how negative I was, my confidence was low and I had so much going on in my head, I couldn’t believe how adaptable the therapy was to deal with it all bit by bit. I looked forward to each session and didn’t feel self conscious or scared as I was made to feel very comfortable in a totally relaxed environment. Lesley, thank you for turning my life around and helping me to be who I really am. You are a role model to me, your positive persona really showed me how much I was missing out on by burying my head in the sand.


After two failed marriages and bringing up two children on my own, I was single again. I’ve been building a business and generally hustling to get back to a place where I feel financially secure and grounded. I have done a huge amount of personal development and grown enormously in the process but I recognised that I was being held back by some limiting self- belief. Lesley was recommended to me but I wasn’t entirely sure hypnotherapy was going to fix the problem as it had been with me for so long. However I had a brief telephone conversation with her and within 30 minutes she had identified that what I actually needed to address, was completely different to the issues I thought were the problem. Lesley chatted to me in her calm, non-confrontational and gentle manner, asking questions and very quickly picking up on some pretty core and fundamental issues which she couldn’t possibly have known about me. My first experience of hypnotherapy and visualisation which centred on releasing and forgiving myself which was incredibly powerful. This was after the first session, I couldn’t wait for the next one. This is the best thing I have ever done, I couldn’t recommend Lesley more highly. I am now running a successful business, travelling and even embarked on a new relationship. Life is good…


Two years ago I was diagnosed with cancer and my world fell apart. I underwent chemotherapy and intense radiotherapy over a six week period. During this time I lost over 10kilos in weight, lost some of my hair and my faith in the future and all things that I considered solid in my world. I was in considerable pain physically and most importantly, mentally. I was in despair every moment of the day, my body ceased to function correctly, I couldn’t think straight and I thought that I was going to die. I met with Lesley a few times and I must say I was sceptical at first, her reassuring and professional manner put me at ease immediately. She seemed to understand my fear and despair and could see that I was troubled about what was going to happen to me. She asked me about my passions in life and when I told her that one of them was playing golf, she said that I would be on the golf course in a few month’s time. I laughed as I could hardly walk up the stairs at the time! She was correct – I was playing golf again (not very well but I didn’t care) and there was a hint of light at the end of my very long tunnel. Lesley made me feel positive about myself because I hated the way I looked and felt and therefore didn’t want to go out in to the world to be seen this way. When meeting with Lesley it was always a positive thing – she made me feel better about myself and the future. Her friendliness, knowledge and empathy was genuine and without her, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I work, play golf, socialise and I’m very near to being the person I was before the cancer. Thank you Lesley for being so wonderful and giving me a new lease on life, I intend to embrace it fully.


I was lacking in confidence and have been struggling with anxiety, I had applied for counselling through my school but I did not find it helpful at all. I saw Lesley’s advert and contacted her straight away. I didn’t know what to expect but after reading her client testimonials I felt I wanted to try it. Lesley explained in detail how it worked and I felt very safe and comfortable with her. It has been amazing working with Lesley, I was so relaxed and as the sessions went on my confidence was restored and my fears of failure were put to rest. I was able to confront my fears and look forward to starting my very first job which I was excited but apprehensive about before I started my hypnotherapy. Being able to say what I want or need to say to others. Feeling confident and positive about my future. I am able to think things through with clarity and make decisions for myself. I have started going out with friends and socialising without feeling self-conscious anymore. I am actually enjoying my life and who I am and have loved my journey with Lesley.


I wanted to develop confidence in myself and my ability to grow. I had lost all trust and wanted to regain this, I was massively judgemental on myself which made me feel inadequate. I knew Hypnotherapy had become very popular and the success rate is very high so I wanted to give it a go. Working with Lesley has been lovely, she is very warm and welcoming. I’ve loved the experience and would recommend her to all of my friends and anyone else who wants to make positive changes in their lives. I have seen my confidence grow and I now feel so much more love and respect for what I have done and look forward to continuing to achieve in the future. I am a better version of myself and trust I will do well moving forwards.


I was suffering with severe anxiety and didn’t know what was causing it. I didn’t want to socialise or even go out shopping. I didn’t have any reservations about hypnosis as I had considered it previously but couldn’t find a therapist who I felt comfortable with and trusted. Lesley was introduced to me by my colleague, she did a consultation with me and I knew immediately that I wanted to work with her. Working with Lesley has been wonderful, from the moment I walked through the door I felt at ease and was able to relax completely. She’s extremely understanding, positive and explains everything in a way you can understand and relate to. I feel the past few weeks whilst seeing Lesley have been invaluable. I feel absolutely content, confident and happy to tackle situations that would have previously made me feel anxious, these sessions have made a world of difference to my life moving forwards. I am truly thankful for this chance to make the positive change and build my confidence.


I was highly anxious and stuck. I started catastrophising about the past and the future and did not know how to get out of it. Someone suggested I try Hypnosis and I have never looked back. My reservation was that I might lose control, I didn’t know anything about hypnotherapy. It didn’t take long to understand how it worked once Lesley had explained it to me and I felt very comfortable. The whole experience has been very good, it’s very different in the sense that when you leave the session, the process of positive change continues in your unconscious mind so you don’t even have to think about it, it was so easy and relaxing. What I got out of this mostly was becoming more in tough with my unconscious thoughts and releasing all my negative emotions and beliefs and being able to move on with confidence. I definitely enjoy being a better version of who I was before this wonderful journey. I would recommend Hypnotherapy to anyone, it’ll change your life for the better.


I felt stuck, in a rut and wanted to change my mental behaviour and patterns that were holding me back.I didn’t have any reservations, I used Hypnosis many years ago for other issues and it worked well for me then, so I had absolutely no hesitation in using it again. I really enjoyed every session with Lesley, she’s been lovely and I’ve felt totally relaxed and lifted after each session. She is patient and understanding, the sessions were most enjoyable. Finally making decisions that were right for me, I needed the relaxation and guidance in trusting my unconscious to help me make the right decisions. It has been a fabulous journey and I am feeling totally uplifted and on the right path.


I was suffering with anxiety, confidence, worry and stress. I was concerned that it might not work for me as I was not able to relax. It didn’t take long for me to feel comfortable with Lesley, she is very informative and explained everything clearly so I knew what was going to happen. I loved the whole process, it was great learning stuff about myself and understanding why I felt the way I did. Lesley is very calming and she helped me to relax I immediately felt comfortable. I built up trust very quickly with her which was important for me. Since seeing Lesley I have been able to deal with upcoming situations and am able to cope better. I feel I have the tools to guide me through making decisions affecting my future and feel confident about it. Thank you so much Lesley


I was suffering with severe depression and my confidence was extremely low, I needed help and was given Lesley’s name. After reading other people’s accounts of their experience with Hypnotherapy on her website, I was keen to try it. The only reservation I had was that it may not work for me as I had tried it once before at a Derren Brown show. I realise now how different the real thing is and how effective it truly is. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Lesley, she made me feel very comfortable, she is very caring and understanding. I enjoyed each session as I could see the progress I was making immediately after the first one. The best results I have had working with Lesley is that she has helped me to restore my self belief, I am happy and relaxed and look forward to my future with a very positive outlook.


After suffering with anxiety for the past couple of years when travelling through airports, I had never thought about having hypnotherapy. Last month I had an opportunity to travel with work but even the thought of this filled me with anxiety, I found Lesley on Facebook and contacted her, she explained exactly how Hypnosis works and I was keen to try it. I wasn’t sure this would work for me online but I was amazed at how receptive I was and how effective the whole session was for me, it was like sitting in the room with Lesley. The benefits of having therapy online is that I was able to find my quiet, safe space at home without having to worry about travelling or baby sitting or indeed being disturbed by anyone. In one session my entire outlook had changed, with Lesley’s help I was able to get to the centre of my fear which I did not even know was there. I was able to fly with ease and not have to worry about a sudden anxiety attack. I am now able to face each day with a renewed confidence and a positive view to the challenges I’m presented with at work and in my personal life. I feel like I have a new lease on life and am definitely a better version of who I was before Hypnotherapy.


I was in a very dark space. I’ve had a lot of issues from my past and had never dealt with them. I was also made redundant from my job due to the recent pandemic and felt completely worthless. Lesley helped me break things down and work through them in a way I never thought I could. She made me see things in a different way enabling me to cope with life more positively.
Initially I had reservations about hypnotherapy, I didn’t know enough about hypnosis but once Lesley explained it to me I was happy to try it and it has done wonders for me, I would honestly recommend it to anyone out there who is struggling with issues. I was also concerned about how effective it would be online but I loved the process of doing it on Zoom, it was wonderful, I was in my own comfortable, safe environment and didn’t have to leave home, the whole process was so easy.
Working with Lesley has been an absolute pleasure and very reassuring. I have never once been judged by her (being judged was one of my key issues in life.) She enabled me to see my situation in a different way that I never thought possible.
The best thing for me is I don’t have the panic attacks as I used to, I am able to address my concerns and think things through in a calm manner. Lesley taught me breathing techniques which enabled me to fully relax and control my inner thoughts. Hypnotherapy has completely changed my life for the better, I feel so much more confident and worthy.


I was struggling with complete Lack of self-worth and relationship problems. I didn’t have any reservations about hypnotherapy itself as Lesley was very informative during the consultation and I felt very comfortable. I had my first session face to face and when the lockdown was enforced we used zoom for the following sessions, she explained exactly how it would work so the online version was not strange in any way. In many respects it was exactly the same but more convenient as I didn’t need to leave my house and could be very comfortable in my own skin.  I have really enjoyed it. I was a little apprehensive at first but Lesley made me feel really at ease and explained every step of the process. The tools and techniques she uses have been very effective and easy to follow and use.  Since working with Lesley I have been able to detach from many unhelpful emotions and build belief in myself to a high level. The relationship issues have turned the tide in an almost magical way. 


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38% Recovery after
600 Sessions


Behavior Theraphy

72% Recovery after
22 Sessions



93% Recovery after
6 Sessions
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